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2024-05-18 / 2016-05-20

Past Exhibitions

Meiji cloisonné



Modern cloisonné thought to have been created by Kaji Tunekichi (1803-1883) of Owari (Aichi prefecture) developed at a dizzying pace mainly in Owari and Kyoto in the Meiji era. A large number of pieces were exhibited in international expositions, which flourished in those days. The uniquely beautiful Japanese cloisonné received lavish praise from Europeans and Americans and developed into a strong export industry for Japan. This colorful translucent decoration even now, more than one hundred years after its creation, ushers us into the wondrous world of traditional Japanese natural beauty.

We present at this exhibit a number of notable pieces in addition to the especially popular masterworks on display by Namikawa Yasuyuki, Namikawa Sosuke, Hayashi Kodenji, Ando Jubei, Kawade Shibataro, Kumeno Teitaro.

Information on the main pieces